The prefix "nano" (Greek word for dwarf) describes an order of magnitude. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanometer to a meter is what the size of a tennis ball to that of the Earth. The term nanotechnology describes the development, manufacture and use of structures, materials and systems in magnitudes of about a hundred nanometers or less. Nanotechnology in skincare products describes the development and manufacture of the droplet materials in the products that is in this magnitude that serve to delivery active ingredients into the skin.


Skincare products are required to be absorbed into different layers of the skin to perform different functions. Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals has devoted its great effort for the development of new nanoformulations for a range of active substances, especially those that are not readily soluble in water. The benefits of nanoformulations include better solubility and higher bioavailability of the active substance. They have the function to release the active substance at a target area where it takes controlled effect.


The epidermis with layers of dead cornified cells on its surface protects the body from water loss and noxious chemical insults. These cell layers will also block absorption of active ingredients found in skin care products into skin cells. Some manufactures use liposomes in their products, which are ineffective to deliver ingredients penetrating the cornified layer deep into the skin because they are generally large and rigid. They can only act as good fillers and humectants that provide a good feeling on skin surface as felt when using these products.

Transfersomes are a better modification of liposomes. Unlike transfersomes and liposomes, Dr Vu Cosmeceuticals makes Nanotransfersomes - extremely miniscule and flexible vesicles that can carry the ultra pure active ingredients through the cornified layer, and efficiently deliver them to skin cells. Also made of the same material that form cellular membranes, they can also replenish and strengthen the cell after delivery of the ingredients and act as strong humectants to deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin.