Skin massage is a pleasant, enjoyable and very supportive step in skin care process. Do a quick skin massage for 1-2 minutes daily every time you apply La Belle Cosmeceuticals night treatment, day moisturizer or other skin treatment products. Do a full facial skin massage for 10-15 minutes weekly together with facial mask exfoliation.

While facial mask exfoliators loosen the bonds between dead skin cells to make them easy to be removed, unblock pores and stimulate cell turnover, facial massage is a self-exercise for your skin. Working deeply within the skin, it cleanses the embedded particles, improves flow of blood and oxygen to the facial area, physically stimulates healthy cell activities, soften of lines, tone and tight of sagging skin, and relieves stress. LaBelle Cosmeceuticals has studied and adopted different massage techniques and acupressure principles from Japan, China and India to develop a simple but effective at-home technique. A proper facial massage method involves gentle massage strokes and correct acupressure to evoke a greater sense of relaxation. It is thought that pressing critical acupressure points (Figure 1) will increase the energy flow in the skin and correct the internal imbalances that create the facial wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, dark circles, or “bags” under the eye. Thus a combination of facial massage with ultra pure natural active ingredients will be very effective.

Always start with a clean face. Smooth massage cream over your face and on your fingertips with enough to give a slip movement. Apply more as needed throughout the massage. 

Use fingertips to apply a gentle pressure on acupressure points then slip ring and middle fingers to ensure soft, even pressure to work with light, gentle strokes in proper direction (shown as red arrow in the illustration). Always slide the massage in an upward and lift up direction. Massage slowly and rhythmically, matching your movements to your breathing. Slow down the pace as your massage progresses. Figures 2-5 show 10 simple facial massage steps. Perform 3-5 times one step then move to the next step. Repeat the whole 10 steps for 6 or more times.


Figure 1: Critical acupressure points on the left face. Similar points on the right face locate at symmetrical positions. Acupressure principle proposes that pressing these points will increase the energy flow in the skin, correct the internal imbalances and improve the wealth and look of facial skin. Massage left and right face should be done symmetrically and simultaneously.

Figure 1


Figure 2: 

Step 1: Start massage upwards from the chin to help the skin against gravity, gently press on the acupressure point three times and continue up to the ear. To locate your pressure points, feel for slight depressions at the area indicated by the black dots.

Step 2: Massage outward along the cheekbone to the earlobe.


Figure 2


Figure 3:

Step 3: Massage outward from center of the forehead.

Step 4: Massage upward from the lower lip to the earlobe.

Step 5: Massage along sides of the nose.


Figure 3


Figure 4:

Step 6: Massage around nostrils.

Step 7: massage the upper lip, outward and lift up along the cheekbone to the ear lobes.

Step 8: Massage the ear with thumb and index finger.

Step 9: Massage the neck by gently stroking upward.


Figure 4


Figure 5:

Step 10: Massage around the eye zone. Starting from the inner hollow of the eye, press the pressure points then glide fingers around and under the eyes, stop and press when reach the pressure points and continue to glide the fingers following the direction.


Figure 5