The Basic Good Skin Care Techniques

Simple and consistency, 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night daily, and 20 minutes weekly is what you need for a lifetime of Healthy, Beauty, Youthful complexion.


Daily clean skin is the beginning of naturally healthy skin and a beauty complexion. Before bed time, you need proper cleansing to remove make-up, dirt and pollution that you expose during the day. After cleansing, apply night treatment cream so that natural active ingredients will absorb into your skin and work when you sleep.


While you sleep, your skin flushes out all impurities, breathes, repairs and renews itself. Start a new day, clean your skin again then apply day moisturizer containing sunscreen. It is essential to apply sun screens as part of your daily routine (SPF of at least 15). This is more critical during the time of stress and hormone changes (eg., pregnant, menopause, or using contraceptive drugs) since your skin is more sensitive to sun radiation. Use a good sun block, cover up, and wear a hat when outside. Limit the time you spend outdoor between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


For young individuals, good skin cleansing is the best way to avoid or treat acne breakouts. Wash your face with a mild cleanser two or three times a day. Apply exfoliating mask weekly will help to clear blocked pores that prone to acne development.


Exfoliating to remove the top dead cell layer once every 5-7 days is very helpful. However, daily skin exfoliation is not recommended. Exfoliation will increase cell turn over resulting in increase number of epidermal cell layers (to compensate for the lack of protection of the top layers) that give a good looking skin. However, abusive exfoliation after years will use up the cell capacity to renew leading to thin and premature aging skin. Human’s life span is getting longer now; so we need to have a good approach for beautiful and healthy skin for a long term benefit as well. A better method of skin care is to use the skin treatments that have the ability to deliver beneficial elements to skin cells to support and prolong cell life.